Dream Arcades invites gamers to kick some butt without being tied down while playing fighting games such as Street Fighter IV, and the upcoming King of Fighters XII. The Dream Stick, is made with real arcade parts and will be available on June 30 for $159, just in time for the release of Street Fighter IV for PC (adaptor required for PC) .

Dream Stick pre-orders begin today at a special discounted price of $129.

"Dream Arcades has finally given hardcore fighting game fans the ultimate fight stick that they've been looking for simply by eliminating the need for fighting players to have to compromise between corded Japanese style fight sticks and wireless game pads." Says Ryan M., Street Fighter fan and Tournament Player. "Dream Arcades Dream Stick is unquestionably a much finer arcade stick than others due to its sturdy construction, arcade authentic controls, and wireless functionality that features no noticeable lag."

The Dream Stick is made to make it easy for hardcore gamers to modify the stick by customizing joysticks and buttons. The Dream Stick bridges the gap between the hardcore tournament market and the home gamers who just want a great stick to play with their friends.

"The Dream Stick is the perfect way for us to bring the arcade experience into the home, at a lower price point and a smaller footprint," says Michael Ware, founder of Dream Arcades. "Nothing compares to a real arcade controller for playing arcade games and because there's no wires it's simple to use."

Dream Arcades is the only home arcade manufacturer with a complete line of products from personal arcade joysticks, arcade kits (just add your own computer system or game console), complete arcades (just plug in and play). Since 2002, the company has had one goal – to deliver the ultimate home arcade experience to gamers everywhere.

Please visit: http://www.dreamarcades.com/dreamstick.shtml for more