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Thread: Is it worth me getting a PSP3000 yet? Or should I stick to 2000?

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    Default Is it worth me getting a PSP3000 yet? Or should I stick to 2000?

    Since December last year I sadly lost my beloved silver PSP1000 that i had for a year-and-a-quarter along with everything else I ever bought and used for it (memory sticks, Gitaroo Man Lives UMD, Datel Tool Battery) after it mysteriously and quietly dropped out of my pocket at some unknown point while walking with friends (a subsequent search of the whole area brought up nothing).

    For months I've been trying to save up money, hoping I can replace it one day, although I had to keep thinking it over seriously - like was it really worth getting another one nowadays if I only wanted to try a few emulators/homebrew/games that were released around or after losing the first one?

    I've not really been keeping up with the PSP scene much as you can imagine, but I've noticed things like an exploit or two being found for PSP3000, possible further hacking of it etc. Which begs me to ask - is the PSP3000 a viable and easy-to-use homebrew device yet? Should I invest my money in that, or scour eBay hoping to find a decent-priced new/used-yet-mint PSP2000?

    I await your response. =]

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    Welll.. I think it's really better to get a good version of a 2000 version.
    when I say " a good 2000 version" = not an PSP-2000-v3 !

    If you want to maximize your chance to get a "good" new 2000 version, you can buy the "Wall e" bundle.
    I get my "good" 2000 version that way....

    But as usual, come inside the shop with a memory card containing full red, yellow, black and white wallpapers.
    Then ask to check the screen of the PSP.

    I know it sounds incredible, but I had to check 4 PSPs before getting the right PSP without any artefacts !!

    PSP 3000 isn't homebrew friendly.
    Besides, Sony changed the screen on this third version.
    some PSX conversions look awful on this screen !!

    check there :

    I hope it helps you...

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