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Thread: Sony planned UMD-less PSP 'from the beginning'

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    psp Sony planned UMD-less PSP 'from the beginning'

    Platform holder was simply waiting for digital market to mature, says head of product planning
    Sony had planned to release a 'network centric' model of the PSP ever since the beginning, according to an interview on website
    In an interview with the head of SCE's product planning division, Naoya Matsui, it has been revealed that the company was simply waiting for the digital pipeline to reach a mature-enough state to sustain such a device.
    "We'd planned to release a PSP model without a UMD drive since the very beginning," says Matsui. "But if we'd simply released the hardware, there wouldn't have been much for everyone to enjoy. We needed to prepare the right environment for it first - things like the transferral of content with the PS3 and PSN, and PC software to manage content like music and movies such as 'Media Go'.
    "We wanted to release it when the delivery of digital content was on par with the delivery of physical media. Thats what we've been working on these past two years. We'll be selling the PSPgo alongside the existing PSP models, because it's a product targeted at those people who are more accustomed to digital content."

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    ok so why did you masterminds include a 11mbs wifi connection? even when the psp was released you could get G mode for practically free

    yes its hard for me to believe your bs when the major part of having a dlc internet type device is gimped and outdated right from the start

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    yeah right. As if piracy had nothing to do with a new model coming out so soon.

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    I could begin to smell the bull$#@! by simply reading the title of the article.

    Tell me this...Why would they invest so much into a new propietary media vehicle (UMD) and nag at so many game developers and movie companies to release in this new form of media for no reason at all?

    This article contradicts everything they've done so if it was a really bad dream or maybe it never really happened? Give me a break...SONY is more full of it with every passing new day.

    *Golf Clap*

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