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Thread: Pro Gaming to be Widely Televised

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    Home/News Pro Gaming to be Widely Televised

    Professional gaming is to gain some widespread mainstream media coverage later this year, with an announcement from Major League Gaming (MLG) earlier today that it has struck a major deal with USA Network to air seven one hour-long programs featuring highlights from this year's MLG Pro Tour.

    “If you are bored of watching poker, golf, darts or fishing, then watching people actually playing videogames could well just be the next best thing,” commented one SPOnG wag upon hearing the news earlier.

    Formed in 2002, the MLG Pro Tour 2006 features events in seven major American cities for professional gamers: New York this coming weekend, followed by events in Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and a series of semi-finals coming to Chicago in October, culminating in a national championship meet scheduled for Las Vegas in November.

    The format will focus on player interviews and profiles, intercut with commentary from various announcers – a familiar-sounding similar from any bog standard TV sports coverage.

    "This is the sign that pro gaming has finally arrived to the mass market," said Matthew Bromberg, MLG's president and chief operating officer. "It's like poker was two years ago, or NASCAR 15 years ago."

    MLG co-founder Mike Sepso hopes they are in at the start of what will be "The next major league sport in America."

    SPOnG, it has to be said, is yet to be entirely convinced that professional videogaming tournaments - starring the likes of Jonathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendell (pictured here) - will make for gripping telly. But then again, that's what they said about darts back in the 1970s.

    USA Network will broadcast seven 60 minute episodes during the US holiday season, in which gamers will be able to win about $800,000 in cash and prizes. Check out the MLG website for more info on how to become filthy rich through playing videogames.

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    i for one will never watch this and to compare it to nascar is nuts is some guy playing a game going to hit a wall at 200mph and burst into flames i dont think so and poker on tv is the worst thing ever i dont know anybody who watches that crap it wont be on tv long thats for sure. pro gaming legue what joke these guys act like there real athletes ive herd a couple of these guys compairing them selves to nascar drivers and nba players and the such your playing games on a tv your not a athlete its not a sport

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    ever heard of a 'period', slayer2psp?

    it looks like this: ' . '

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