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Thread: BlueMSX 1.0RC Released

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    Rev BlueMSX 1.0RC Released

    News via djdynamite123

    Release from timbrug & mbloemendal

    The BlueMSX-wii emulator can be started using the homebrew channel. For this purpose, the necessary files (main .dol file, icon.png and meta.xml) are released with this project. The best location for these files will be SD:/apps/bluemsx-wii/.
    Except from the main .dol file, the BlueMSX-wii emulator needs some files on the SD-card. Most of the files are embedded in the .dol file and will be placed on your SD-card when the emulator is first run. These files will be placed in the directory SD:/MSX/.
    Additional to these files, there needs to be a gamepack. As distributing the rom files gamepack is not 100% legal, these will not be supplied through the google code project.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    This is a superb emulator, very slick. It includes some stuff to get you started including the recent remake of Knight Lore for the MSX which looks wonderful, but I need to do some reading to see if it is possible to map more controls since the pick up/drop command is only available through the (remarkably well implemented) virtual keyboard.

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