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Thread: Portable meditation engine

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    psp Portable meditation engine

    Here's a heads-up on my most recent release for the PSP. It's basically a clone of Brainwave Generator, all packaged up into a tiny little PSP eboot. It allows for user-made presets to be loaded and played through the earphones.


    Download and extract PME_2704_2.rar to your PSP/GAME directory.
    Once it has been extracted simply run it from the game menu, or from Fanjitas loader(fully user mode, so it should work on 2.0+).
    Once it has been loaded you will be presented with a menu, this is controlled with the DPAD and the X button. Hit X to start a preset, home is exit.


    edit: updated attachment

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    Psilocybeing, you have news post access, so you can post news yourself, no need to use submit news forum.
    i moved it into news and fixed up your post (i.e. changed post icon to psp and uploaded attactment)

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    Nice, thanks!

    I've updated the attachment, the previous one only uses 8/16 channels.

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    What do you smoke with this?

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    You don't have to , some people actually find smoking to inhibit their ability to meditate.

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    Why don't you tell us about it, for those of us who don't know what Brainwave Generator is?

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    Here's a bit of a more indepth description

    Just a nifty little application I made earlier today I thought I would release. It's based on the program called Brain Wave Generator, that uses binaural beats to influence the state our mind is in. Our brains tick over at different levels during different states of mind, such as being in REM sleep, or working a hard day at the office. Using binaural beats(which is basically applying a slightly different tone to each ear, the difference of which is the waves you wish to induce in your brain, more on this lower down) this program will load an editable preset via a menu, and then play out the preset via the PSPs headphones.

    Here's a little more on the different brainwaves, and what kind of states they appear in.
    Delta 0.5Hz - 4Hz Deep sleep
    Theta 4Hz - 8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
    Alpha 8Hz - 14Hz Relaxed but alert
    Beta 14Hz - 30Hz Highly alert and focused

    You MUST use headphones for this to be effective, as otherwise the sound will just mix up and the difference by the time they get to your ears will be negligible.

    You might think this kind of stuff works, you might not. I just thought I would get to grips with the PSPs audio functions by making a mock-up of BWG .

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    lol ill give you a hint of what to smoke with it.....todays yeasterdays cool app man

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    Default Amazing

    I used to have a tape of brainwave frequency sounds and it was the best $#@! ever. I'm extremely happy that you made this so big ups!

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    Glad you like it . Here's the format of the preset files:

    The format for the PME preset files is as follows:

    Deep mind
    V300.0 14.1
    V100.0 1.6
    V50.0 0.7
    V50.0 0.4
    V0 0
    V0 0
    V0 0
    V0 0
    T0 40 120 300.0 10
    T0 240 360 300 7.8
    T0 690 760 300 5.5
    T0 880 960 300 4.0
    T0 1360 1800 300 3.5

    The first line is a simple description of the preset. The next 8 lines are initialising the voices with a set base frequency and binaural counterpart. If you want a voice to be silent, simply provide 0 for both. The last 5 lines in this preset setup the timing for the first voice(V0). The format for the timing function is as follows(T<voice#0-7> <start time(secs)> <end time(secs)> <base frequency to shift to> <binaural frequency to shift to>). As you can see this preset slowly lowers the main voices binaural beat from 14.1hz down to 3.5hz over a period of 30m, while keeping the base frequency at a steady 300hz. You can use however many timers you want

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