Universal Windshield Holder (360 degree Rotatable)
Maker: Unknown
Site : Buy from Brando
Price: $12.00

Overview : This item holds your Cellphone, PDA, PSP, MP3 player and any other electronic devices it can hold. You can stick this onto the windshield of you car and view movies or listen to music from your PSP with ease. There are other windshield holders out there but none really rotate at 360.

* viewing of PSP while driving is not condoned by DCEmu and is not held liable for any accidents. Use at your own risk.

Features :
  • New design, good outlook
  • No tools required - easy to install
  • Convenient, reliable and easy to use
  • Flexible pedestal shaft adjusts quickly
  • Suitable for cellular phones and PDAs

Specification :
  • 360 Rotatable
  • Adjustable stroboscope mount width: 52-80mm
  • Flexible arm (165mm)
  • Suction pad with lock knob

Package Contents :
  • One stroboscope mount
  • One flexible arm
  • Two vent pothook

Quality/Usability : When I first got the item, the packaging was in a regular cardboard box, not the usual blister plastic packs. Upon opening the item, the two vent packs are in a small ziplock type bag, the flexible arm was wrapped in bubblewrap and the mount was just in the box. But the overall quality of the item is sturdy and solid. The neck itself is about 9 inches long and the mount itself is about 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide with the side 'arms' closed. With the side 'arms' spread open, its about 4 1/2 inches side. The side 'arms' of the mount spreads open with a click of a button on the side. The bottom 'legs' of the mount open up also for those bigger devices but require manual opening. The top 'head' moves up to accomodate those longer devices for more support. With the side 'arms' open completely, there is more than enough room to slide the PSP into. The 360 degree rotating idea is great for those who have a PSP, PDA, MP3 player, etc. and can rotate the holder to accomdate to whatever device they are using without having to have different holders in the car.

Installation : Once everything was taken out, installation was pretty easy.

  • Set main unit in foot-rest (clip with neck)
  • Remove protection paper from the bottom of suction cup
  • Place suction cup of foot-rest direct towards windshield and press then lock device on
  • Place the holder onto top of dashboard for addiction support

  • Set the pothook in main unit an dput them on the correct position
  • Set the device in vent

Considering this is made from Asia, the english of the instructions were a little weird, so I reworded it. Its easy as putting legos together without even having to read the instructions.

Conclusion : I have another windshield mount that I purchased on eBay that I use. Unfortunately, that one required some modificiation (cutting down on rubber and plastic). With this, there is more than enough room to fit the PSP without any modifications done to it. Just spread the side 'arms' open, slip your PSP into position and squeeze the side 'arms' closed to secure the PSP in place. I dont like the idea of the item being on the vent considering the weight of the PSP can damage your vents and it blocks off the vent when it is in use, especially a hot and humid summer.

What I like about this is the amount of room to fit your device, the sturdiness of the product and the ability to rotate it 360. The price of the item is affordable and reasonable. I paid more for the one I ordered on eBay .

But use this at your own risk and safety. Watching PSP movies while driving can cause accidents. Also, viewing of items on your windshield blocks your view and distracts you so this is illegal in some states.

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