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Thread: Review: Capdase Leather S-Bracket Case

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    psp Review: Capdase Leather S-Bracket Case

    Capdase Leather S-Bracket Case
    Manufacturer: Capdase
    Site: Buy from Capdase
    Price: $17.90

    Overview : Virtually identical to Nylon S-Bracket Carry Case (see review). Made of genuine leather. Features a plastic bracket that holds the PSP system in place. Easily accessible back to UMD door.

    Features :
    • Made of Genuine Leather
    • Flip-Top Case with S-Bracket attachment
    • Magnetric Closure
    • Openable Back Cover with Hidden Magnetic Closure
    • Inner Cushion for Ultra Protection
    • Available in black, white or pink

    Quality/Usability : This case is virtually like the Nylon S-Bracket Carry Case. Unlike most cases, this case features a plastic bracket to hold the PSP securely. It's very easy to attach the PSP by just snapping it into the bracket. The small openings on the top and bottom of the PSP are filled with plastic pegs to hold the PSP in place. But dont worry, the plastic bracket even has openings for your USB and IR receiver, so you dont have to take out your PSP. You can hold the case upside down and shake it around without having to fear that your precious PSP will fall out.

    The back of the case has a small flap. It allows you to easily change UMDs without having to remove the PSP from the S-Bracket. It's held closed by two magnets on each side that holds it in place. With most cases you have to remove the PSP from the case to change UMDs. This gives one less task for PSP owners to fiddle with.

    To close and protect the PSP, it has a magnetic snap on button on the tab to hold it close. There are also some some extra padding over the screen, inside the flap to protect the PSP from any accident bumps over the screen.

    Conclusion : This is a very nice case. Its very well crafted and very nice workmanship. It may feel awkward at times with the flap dangling. The idea of the UMD back cover is a great idea. Especially for those lazy ones who hate having to do extra work. Everything is pretty much accessible without having to take out the PSP. But the having an opening on the USB is another great idea. If you're in the market for a nice stylish case, be sure to check out the Leather S-Bracket.
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