Capdase Power Travel Kit
Manufacturer: Capdase
Site: Buy from Capdase
Price: $16.90

Overview : Charge your PSP and transfer data without having to carry extra cables.

Features :
  • The Power Travel Kit makes it easy to recharge your Sony PSP™ anytime and anywhere.
  • The included USB Transfer & Charging cable allows you to connect home PC computer or Notebook computer, for data transfer or charging your Sony PSP™.
  • Automatic switch from 100-240V.
  • USB Cable length: 1.1 meter.
  • Includes 4 changeable plugs (BS, VDE, UL, SAA) for usage in almost all countries.

Quality/Usability : Power Travel Kit charges your PSP anywhere and anytime. If you're on the go, you can also use the USB to transfer and charge the cable, so as long you're near a computer or laptop. Whats great is that you can take this all over the world as it comes with changeable plugs.

Conclusion : This is a great item for those frequent travelers or for those who dont want to hassle with carrying extra wires around. Power and USB cable all in one. Whats even better is that this works all over the world as it has changeable plugs and automatically switches voltage no matter what outlet you plug into.

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