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    psp Review: Logic3 Sound Grip

    Logic3 Sound Grip
    Manufacturer: Logic3
    Site: Buy from Logic3
    Price: $34.99

    Overview : Logic3 Sound Grip, a portable speaker system which incorporates handgrips to ensure that PSP won’t slip out of hands during gameplay.

    Sony’s PSP fits into this Sound Grip, maintaining elegant style, design, and contours the console. Sound Grip allows easy access to all controls and has ports for earphones and power. Includes stand, batteries and carry-case.

    I know most of you are probably mad about the internal speakers on the PSP with how low the volume is, right? You're probably looking for a way to boost up the volume so you can hear, right? Well than lets start and see if this is the right product for you.

    Features :
    • Portable Speaker and Grip for PSP
    • 1W RMS (0.5+0.5W) - 2 Myra speaker drivers
    • High Quality Class D amplifier
    • Mains / Battery operated - 2xAAA batteries (supplied), or can be used with PSP AC Adaptor.
    • Pass through ports for Power & Earphones
    • Stand for display
    • Case to carry Sound Grip, PSP console & accessories.

    Quality/Usability : The Sound Grip comes with a carry case as well as two (2) AAA batteries. The look of the grip is sleek and form fitting with the PSP. The PSP secures itself to the Sound Grip by plugging into the power and headphone jacks but there is also a clear plastic latch that goes ontop of the PSP. This latch is spring operated, so you'll have to hold the latch up when inserting the PSP and when you let go, the latch places itself right above the PSP. The latch as openings for the IR port, USB and UMD door button. There is a big opening on the back of the grip which allows the UMD door to open without having to take the PSP out. Whats great about the Sound Grip is that you have the ability to charge the PSP through the grip as well as the inclusion of the headphone jack which is located on the back of the grip.

    You must be wondering how it feels in the hands. I must say, the Sound Grip feels very comfortable. But than again, it all depends on how you hold your PSP and how big your mitts are. All buttons are accessible when it is placed into the Sound Grip. Only thing not accessible is the memory stick slot. The power switch and volume controls are located at the bottom of the PSP.

    The speakers themselves are a whole lot better than the stock speakers on the PSP in terms of volume. The clarity of the speakers unfortunately arent as good as the PSP's stereo speakers. As with any portable speakers, if you set the volume very high or to the max, expect sound distortion especially with the volume set high on the Sound Grip and on the PSP.

    Batteries are placed on the right side of the grip on the other side the where your PSP battery would be. When turned on, a blue LED is shown on the front, above the Logic3 logo.

    Also included is a stand to hold the Sound Grip and PSP. This is great for those who want louder sound for watching movies but at the same time wanting to relax without holding it the PSP.

    Conclusion : Overall, this is a very good product for those looking for portable speakers to boost up the volume on your PSP. The design is well made and very comfortable in the hands but lacks in stereo quality sound. But for those who are looking for a boost in volume, I suggest getting the Sound Grip.

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