Capdase Luxury Hard Case
Manufacturer: Capdase
Site: Buy from Capdase (Black) / Buy from Capdase (Silver)
Price: $25.55

Overview : Hard case to protect your PSP. Holds two Memory Stick Pro Duo's on the cover flap. Includes a leather wrist strap. Available in Black and Silver.

Features :
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • Soft touch rubberized back holder
  • Ultra lightweight
  • 360 degree free angle cover
  • Direct replace UMD
  • Setup stand for playing movie
  • Provide the memory card slot * 2
  • Approx 85g

Quality/Usability : Another case released by Capdase. Unlike the previous Capdase cases I reviewed, this is aimed more at protection wise and is user friendly. This case is similar to the Logitech PlayGear Pocket case. Besides the difference in looks wise, the Luxury Hard Case is smaller and lighter compared to the PlayGear Pocket, not to mention it has a "door" that opens to access the UMD drive as well as two slots to store your memory sticks.

Whats great about this case is that the lid can actually flip open completely so that its not at a 90 degree angle or half folded down. This can somewhat be used as a grip. The case also can be used as a stand to watch your PSP movies.

The bottom/back of the case has a rubberish feel to it but at the same time, having a hardness to it. This prevents the PSP from moving around. The Hard Case also has two little pegs that go into the holes on top of the PSP to provide an even more sturdiness. The memory stick, POWER button, USB port and UMD button are all easily accessible when in the case..even with the lid closed.

The memory stick slot themselves are a little sturdy when you place the memory stick in them. They fit well, but if the sticks arent fully in the slot, they can easily fall out with a little tap. Especially when you have the lid folded all the way.

The case comes with a black leather wrist strap.

Conclusion : Although the case looks nice and smells like brand new sneakers..there are some flaws. When the PSP is placed into the case and closed, I had a hard time trying to get the cover open. The memory stick slots was another flaw as mentioned above. But there was also the good such as the UMD door that flips down to allow the UMD tray to open as well as easy access to the memory stick port and all other buttons without having to take out the PSP. Its a bit pricey for this case compared to the Logitech PlayGear Pocket which retails for $19.99.

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