iSkin Neo Case
Manufacturer: iSkin
Site: Buy from iSkin
Price: $49.99

Overview : The iSkin neo for the Sony PSP® brings together the rich feel of genuine lamb skin leather with functional and protective features that combine to create an essential companion to your PSP®. Crafted from genuine lamb skin, the iSkin neo personifies the quality and exceptional elegance of the PSP® keeping it true to its form and providing a protective barrier against the everyday world. A flexible design gives users quick access to controls, ports and the UMD® loading tray. It also has built-in storage for an additional game cartridge and two memory cards with a fold out design that's genius. Best of all it comes in a variety of fashionably cool colors that are a match for your best outfit.

Features :
  • Covers and protects screen when not in use
  • Smooth, soft, high grade genuine lamb skin
  • Hands free "kickstand" mode for comfortable viewing of movies and other content.
  • Easy access to both UMD® storage and PSP® loading tray.
  • Easy access to all controls during gameplay.
  • Dual storage for Memory Stick Pro Media
  • FREE PSP® Media software included.

Quality/Usability : The iSkin Neo is a very nice looking case. Available in 5 luxurious colors; limegreen (Hornet), red (Baron), blue (Typhoon), black (Panther) and white (Lightning). It kinda resembles the MisticAudio OTG Series Case that was reviewed here. The straps, snaps, pockets and lining are all very high quality, and integrate quite nicely into the overall design.

The case provides everything a PSP owner could want in a PSP case. When closed it provides fairly sturdy protection and padding. When open all of the buttons and ports are exposed, including the UMD slot which can be easily accessed by unsnapping the back flap. There are two storages for your memory sticks on the underside of the front flap, and one UMD storage inside the back flap. There is even a fold out “kickstand” that props the PSP unit up for easy movie viewing.

My only complaint is that although the Neo holds the PSP snuggly with a hard leather encased border that wraps around the front of the PSP along the sides and a little bit along the bottom, the border comes right up to the edge of the circle button and the directional pad. Due to the thickness of the leather around the borders, I found this annoying at times when I tried to press the circle button and directional pad

Conclusion : The Neo case has so much potential but with this major flaw which hinders gameplay, the score dropped dramatically. If iSkin can redesign the case to move the leather borders back away from the buttons and controls, this could be a nice case to purchase. If you're in the market for storage and looks, get this but if you're going to use this for gaming as well..I suggest moving on.

With each purchase of the iSkin Neo case, you get a free code to download a Multimedia Management software called jumpPSP (Joint Universal Media Portal). It lets you transfer music files, video files, even PDF files for viewing. It even saves your game play data. Program works for MAC and PC.