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    psp Review: PSP Wireless Headphone

    PSP Wireless Headphone
    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Site: Buy from Brando
    Price: $12.00

    Overview : No more dangling wires or extra cord length when listening to your PSP via headphones whether you're playing games, watching movies or listening to your music.

    Features :
    • Frequency : 88.5 MHz
    • Work distance : 5 ~ 15 meters.
    • Transmitter : 2 x AAA batteries.
    • Headset : 2 x AAA batteries.
    • On/Off switch.
    • Two parts of transmitter and wireless headset.
    • Adopting the latest wireless transmitting technology to receive the sound signal without cord.
    • With FM radio, search channel automatically and receive FM broadcasting.
    • Novel in design with handsome appearance.

    Quality/Usability : The transmitter itself looks like a battery but its really not..for the PSP that is. The transmitter clips onto the back of the PSP. By it clipping on the back of the PSP, it blocks the UMD tray from opening so if you want to swap a game or movie, you'll have to remove the transmitter first.

    - FM Tuner

    Upon using the wireless headphones as a FM tuner, the reception was pretty good but at times it had static. The sound quality was pretty good as well but depending where I stood, the sound would have a little static and some interruptions/distortions. The transmitter does not have to be plugged into the PSP inorder to listen to FM stations.

    - FM Transmitter

    This is where you would listen to your PSP through the wireless headphone. You'll need to plug the FM transmitter into the headphone jack on the PSP. Since there is only one frequency, the headphones will have to be set to 88.5. Once the transmitter is connected and set to 88.5, you can hear the sounds from the PSP. But there is one problem. Like any other FM transmitter, sound is always low. It doesnt matter if you have a $5 transmitter that you bought off of eBay or a $75 FM transmitter that you can get from Belkin, Apple or any other company sells. The volume that is being transmitted is lower than you expect. Even with the volume set at the highest level, you can still barely hear the sound coming from the PSP. If you're in a noisy environment, putting the volume on full blast wouldnt make a difference. Inorder to fully hear the sound without any noise is to lock yourself in an empty house and in a closet. OK, not that extreme but you get the idea..somewhere that isnt noisy.

    Conclusion : Overall, this product is a good idea but the lack of volume from the FM transmitter is a little dissappointing then again, that is how it is with majority of the FM transmitters that you see out on the market. The FM Tuner works great if you want to listen to your local radio station. Considering the price is cheap, if you have the extra cash to spend, I suggest taking a peek at this little gadget.

    Images via comments

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