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Thread: Review: PrimeCases S3 P-3000 Series

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    psp Review: PrimeCases S3 P-3000 Series

    S3 P-3000 Series
    Manufacturer: PrimeCases
    Site: Buy from PrimeCases
    Price: $22.95

    Overview : Waterproof, crushproof and protects your PSP.

    Features :
    • The versatile P-3000 box is the perfect fit for your PSP™ (PlayStation™ Portable)
    • Includes internal foam and lanyard
    • Top Foam keep PSP™ from moving while case is closed
    • Includes holes to use travel lock for security
    • Perfect for travel , keep your PSP™ safe!
    • Crushproof, Airtight, Watertight and it floats!
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Available Colors: Fluorescent Yellow, Sky Blue, Midnight Black, Clear

    • Internal 7.875" x 3.8125" x 1.5"
    • External 8.375" x 4.375" x 1.875"
    • Weight .726 lbs

    Quality/Usability : Right off the bat, this case wont win the beauty contest but it looks like a construction workers lunchbox, a first aid box or a case to carry things. Due to the size, you wont be able to fit this in your jean pockets and if you have a small backpack with books or whatnot, there probably wouldnt be enough room.

    The case itself has two latches similar to those on toolbox's to keep the lid closed. The case is made of fiber-glass. The hinges and latches are held in place with stainless steel pins so you dont have to worry about them breaking off. The inner of the case is fitted with foam as well as silicon o-rings to prevent water from entering the case. There isnt much space or any room at all to hold anything else such as UMD, remote, or headsets. You probably could fit your memory sticks as it is flat.

    There is also another model, P3500. This case looks pretty much identical but is the big..alot bigger. It looks like a car battery but plastic. The P3500 holds not only the PSP but accessories as well. Unfortunately, its not available yet so I couldnt give exact information.

    Conclusion : Overall, this isnt something you would be flashing around the city or be carrying around. This is more for those who are more active such as camping, fishing (boats) or a runner. With the extra room in the case, the manufacturer can probably add cut outs for the memory sticks, headset/remote or for at least 1-2 UMDs on the foam of the lid. This would make the case more useable instead of just for the PSP. How are we going to protect our games and accessories?

    10% off your order! Use discount code - prime10.

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