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Thread: Review: Power Bank 3 Rechargeable Battery

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    psp Review: Power Bank 3 Rechargeable Battery

    Power Bank 3 Rechargeable Battery
    Manufacturer: Megacom (by Sperry)
    Site: Buy from Sperry
    Price: $50.00

    Overview : Compact shape designed for PSP and multi-function supported: Battery(4400mHA) + Charger + Cradle, the Power Bank 3 is built in 4400 mHA Li-Polymer battery cell which is certified by UL, it can provide 3 times of regular battery life of PSP, in addaition, the Power Bank 3 is designed with advanced power management control IC, it can control the charge and discharge work efficiently and safely.

    Features :
    • Nice viewing angle for UMD movies, Audio and other media.
    • Stylish fitting and fashion design, easy take to go and cradle playing.
    • The battery pack could auto recharge PSP battery without power adaptor.
    • It could be recharged by the default PSP AC adaptor, no extra power adaptor needed.
    • Built-in 4400mAh (Original one is 1800mAh) li-polymer battery and people could play PSP up to more than triple regular time.
    • 3 in 1 design: Cradle, Charger & Battery (4400mAh)

    Quality/Usability : The Power Bank 3 is an external 4400mAh battery that attaches to the back of the PSP. With the extra power that the Power Bank 3 offers will give a good amount of extra watching and playing time on your PSP.

    From the start, the PB3 comes in a box. Not those plastic blister packs that you usually see. Once you open the package, the package is separated into two parts. One half is where a black quality carry case w/zipper is stored. The other half is where the PB3 is. Inside the case, there is a little section of the pouch that you can fit either UMDs or remote/headphones. Whats cool is that you'll be able to fit the PB3 with the PSP attached. But this probably will limit the space for UMDs in the small pouch. I wouldnt suggest using the pouch to protect your PSP as there isnt much protection to the case.

    The PB3 looks very well constructed and designed. Attaching the PSP to the Power Bank 3 is as easy as 1, 2, 3. It doesnt take a genius to figure out how to snap the two items together. The bottom of the PB3 has two small grooves that "clips" onto the bottom of the PSP and two little "clips" that go into the two holes at the top of the PSP. Taking it apart is easy as well as there is a little notch at the top to place your fingers to pull the PSP and PB3 apart.

    At the top of the PB3, you have two light indicators. One is to show that its being used with the PSP and the other to show that it is charging. Also at the top is the DC 5V plug as well as an ON/OFF switch. The PB3 doesnt block the IR port or the USB port. It also doesnt block the UMD button but the Power Bank 3 blocks the UMD tray door from opening.

    Charging the battery doesnt cause much heat at all. A full charge of the Power Bank 3 takes approximately 3 hours. Once the pack is completely charged, the battery life for the pack itself lasts approximately 7-9 hours, depending what you're using it for and for how long. With the PSP battery, its about 10-16 hours.

    How does it feel? It feels pretty good in the hands. For those with big hands might feel a little better with this as it wont cramp your hands anymore. While holding it, you'll notice the weight with the PSP and PB3 attached. So holding it for a long period of time might be a little tiring. The back of the PB3 is a flat back with no bulge or anything like the PSP itself. A nice feature added to the back of the PB3 is the kickstand. This is great for when you're watching a movie and dont want to hold the PSP. This is pretty much a standard thing now with majority of battery packs or carry cases.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Power Bank 3 is a great product. With the official and aftermarket 1800mAh batteries ranging from $30-$45, this battery pack is at a really good price only costing around $50-52 USD. My suggestion would be to add a small bulge to the left and right just like the PSP. This will allow better grip when held in the hands instead of a flat back. Although its easy to take the Power Bank 3 off the PSP, its a little hassle having to do that just to access the UMD door. It would be inconvenient for those who are moving around or dont have the hands to juggle everything.

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    Hi Friend,

    Anyone can advice me what AA nimh battery to go for and charger too. I am using GP powerbank 3 charger and its so called 1800mAh battery. The charging time took 18 hrs and battery doesn't last long.
    Would appreciate your kind advice and share your experiences. Thanks.

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    I have got a brand new one, 5-6 hours of talk time and up to 2 weeks of standby time.Pretty cool in it
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