It seems the website has been mentioned in Slashdot..

Busshy writes "DCEmu have opened a new dedicated PSP review website featuring over 40 unbiased reviews of PSP accessories including Neuros MPEG4 Recorder 2, Neo-PSP Pad 8in1 & Intec Sound System."
After reading some of the reviews, some believe these reviews are biased, unbiased or insightful. To be honest, these arent biased or anything along the lines. These are no fanboy review. These are from my own opinions from what I have gathered from reviewing the product. Who am I trying to impress? Who am I trying to sell myself to? No one. Sony doesnt make these products.

All these products are 3rd party accessories. Do you see any of these at your local GameStop, Electronics Boutique, or Best Buy? No. So what is the purpose of this site? To inform people of other products out on the market that may interest them.

Yes, some people may not agree with my scores but these are MY opinions. If you think I'm biased or whatnot, thats your opinion. But before you judge my reviews, ask yourself this.. do different people have different tastes which results in different opinions? Do you own the product? You cant judge an item by its look or by its cover, as an old saying goes.

If you're interested in an item, dont go by one review, and this includes this websites. Go read others and see what others have to say (their OWN opinion) about the product before you make a purchase. Any site you go to, its based on their own opinions. When you go read reviews on games, do you go by only one site? When you read reviews on either a car, camera, TV, or any gadget, do you go by one review? No, you read multiple to get a sense of the PROs and CONs of the product.

I'm not going to ramble on, but if you cant accept other peoples opinion you're not very open-minded at all. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, feel free to post them here.