Darkyesus, Yann, Loran531 y Manga-DS have released an entry into the Scenery Beta 2009

WintenDoS is a great application that you can not miss any of your portable console, try to recreate the Windows operating system for the Nintendo. Right now this phase of reconversion, but soon we will see substantial improvements.

Author: Darkyesus, Yann, and Manga-DS Loran531

Minesweeper (the legendary PC game can not miss)
Mouse (who can move like a laptop)
Keyboard (it is difficult and gives some fault)
Appropriations (ability to see the credits)
Notepad (If you have something to write)
Calculator (another thing you can not miss)
The Hour (Always keep us informed of the time)
Windows Music (classic tune before entering the desktop)
Shutdown, Restart or Suspend WintenDoS (another imitation of the PC)

Version 3.0
Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward ... must have thought that the creators of this homebrew since, after a year without updates, we have removed the applications that had to start with an engine from scratch, or FAT file architecture management system of windows, although there alarmed, promises improvements soon on the program to exceed the level of previous improvements.

Version 2.05
Thank edu69 provide this update to the forum for this purpose.

Improvements to the aesthetics and recurred some bugs in the inner workings of homebrew, although some still remain to be corrected.
Also this version is in English.


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