Microsoft released one helluva janky product when it launched the Xbox 360. I know this, because BOTH of my 360s are currently being repaired in Frankfurt. Ugh.

As well as the Red Ring of Death (which afflicted both of my machines), the 360 also does a nice line in scratching discs. It’s for this reason that one infuriated gamer is attempting to sue Microsoft for a cool $50,000, arguing that the company sold him the console knowing it scratched game discs, rendering them unplayable.

Jason Johnson is the David facing Microsoft’s Goliath in this story, and already Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack has denied Microsoft’s motion to dismiss the case. Reports the Madison Record:

“Johnson is suing the company for alleged defects in its X-Box 360 video game console. Johnson alleges the company sold the product knowing it scratched video games and made them unplayable…

“Johnson is seeking damages from the Washington-based company’s alleged violation of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, negligence, breach of implied warranty and strict product liability.”

Microsoft’s attorney feebly argued that because Johnson didn’t personally buy the Xbox 360 (the system was a gift from his wife), the case should be dropped. To which everybody howled with laughter, I would hope.