Vorrtexx has posted over at consolevision forums, saying hes been working on a 3D Light gun game. [br]This is what he said about the game:[br]The game is an arcade shoot 'em up which is temporarily named RevolveR. It's a game similar to house of the dead/Virtua Cop, in that you play it with a lightgun or control pad where a lightgun is not an option. Although it's nowhere near as sophisticated as Virtua Cop, I wanted to develop something fun to play with, and also to bring the lightgun into the game. The game is set in Old Western Times so I tried to develop it with this theme in mind.[br][br]Hes looking 2 or 3 people with BBA's to test the game.[br][br]For more info head to this topic[br]For some pics head here and here