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    Most scenes start off with emulation then move onto homebrew, well today have posted news of Flash (Development) Carts for Retro systems like SNES, Megadrive, Genesis, 32x, Sega Master System/Game Gear & PC Engine have been released.[br][br]Also they have posted a review of the Classic Flash Carts, heres a small excerpt:[br][br] This is somthing which could not have came sooner for all us retro fans! Flash carts for the Megadrive/Genesis/SNES/Master system & PC-Engine. I'm going to review the Megadrive one, but they are all essentially the same.[br][br]The Megadrive carts come in 2 flavours 32M and 64M, the latter also supporting the doomed 32X addon. The SNES one comes in just the 64M size, the Sega Master system & PC engine come as 32M. [br][br]If you're like me and collect the old games you will probably not like using them incase of damage - I just don't like having the original carts out their boxes at all. So no more worrying about damaging your collected games when playing them, just back them up to this cart instead and begin playing! [br][br]Firstly MD, SNES, SMS and PCE games are small - so 64M in these terms is massive, you can fit about 10 Roms on at once, only the very last MD & SNES games from the late 1990's began to creep up in size, I found one which was 24M but thankfully most are 1M to 8M. So I hurredly recreated my old Megadrive collection and slammed it into the cart slot and fired the old girl up! Greeted by a nice menu screen I went from game to game on the big screen TV like I was 10 years old again, these games really come to life on the original system! I then sat for a totally geekish 4 hours playing every game I remembered for 5 mins at a time before I remembered another I wanted to play again! [br][br]Read the rest of the review and drool over those carts Here

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    Default Re: Retro Development Carts & Review NES? And here, I thought I was going to get to play Grand Theftendo on actual hardware

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    You could always make your cart.

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