Prophet[] has updated his Dreamcast hardware modding site with this news:[br][br] I'm still here, I have not abandoned this site yet. Its getting hard to get new stuff to put on these days so I ask if anyone knows of anything please let me know. [br][br]I will do an update soon, I almost have a homemade ddr mat tut and homemade coders cable tut ready to put up. Plus a list of places you can buy electronics at if you don't know where the best places are. Plus I'm working on adding information on more hardware like the mic ,karaoke machine and coin-op adaptor as well as some pics and info on the prototype zip drive and dvd add-on. But its going a bit slow as I have alot of uni work to do. But only a few more weeks of uni left for the year then I can spend days working on the site.[br][br]For more info go here.