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Thread: Wagic 0.9.1 Released!

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    psp Wagic 0.9.1 Released!

    News via

    Finally! It feels like ages since we last did a release. I hope you waited for us and didn’t throw your PSP away in exchange for a XBox in the meantime

    The new version of Wagic is here, and the amount of new stuff that ships with it is simply awesome. I’m glad to say that some talented designers and coders recently joined our small team, dramatically improving a game that was already said to be competing with commercial software in terms of quality and replay value.

    So my thanks for this release go to Jhotun (art), Jeck (art and code), Psyringe (decks), Daddy32 (code), and of course the people who have been working on Wagic with me for months now: abrasax, leungclj, Dr.Solomat, and J.

    Thanks as well to the people who provide new contents on the forum everyday. You can already grab extra cards in various flavors (Naruto, Final Fantasy,…), and themes to customize your experience.

    What is Wagic?
    Wagic is an heroic fantasy card game in which you battle against the computer. It is available for the Sony PSP, Windows, and Linux. In Wagic, you create a deck of cards which symbolizes your army, and fight against the AI. As you win games, you earn credits and unlock cards that you can buy in the shop. With better cards, you improve your deck (or create new ones) to beat more AI opponents and unlock other game modes. Wagic is free and open source. It is currently available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.

    What’s new?
    Ok, so what’s new with this release? Well, the changes that you will most likely see at first are graphical. With the help from professional designers and developers, we got new graphics and a new user interface. Lots of customization features, as well as new cards have been added. Get ready to get some Zendikar action

    Around 500 new cards. Wagic now allows you to play with more than 3500 cards out of the box. Wagic allows you to play with cards from Zendikar, Magic 2010, and 30 other expansions. This is not counting all the extra content you can get from the forum at Naruto, Final Fantasy, and lots of other user-created sets.
    New shop GUI, with original graphics(see the cool screenshots above). Many thanks to Jhotun for the background image!
    New user interface inGame. It is highly customizable, check the options. Wagic now has some smooth animations, you’ll love the new manapool!
    Deck Statistics in the deck editor now show you how well your deck performs against the AI, and various useful information (average mana cost, etc…)
    New Profile and Theme systems to customize your play environment. Check the Jade Theme! Also come to to get new themes!
    Various card bug fixes
    Deck Editor improved, you can now rename your decks directly in Wagic without an external text editor
    Improved card graphics (Thanks J and Jeck)
    Parser: new keywords (@damaged, @tapped, deathtouch, initimidate, “other” keyword for targets, “this” keyword for targets, kicker, “X” as part of abilities cost, shuffle
    New caching mechanism, no need for you to setup the “size” of your cache anymore, the cache automatically uses as much Ram as possible.
    New cool Game manual, check it out, it teaches you how to play Wagic!
    Small AI improvements
    More than 20 new AI Decks (Thanks Psyringe,Niegen,Abrasax and everyone who contributed)
    Added an exception plugin to prevent the PSP from crashing in case of a bug. Instead, you’ll get a blue screen. (Thanks to Sakya at ps2dev)

    Download Here

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    Thanks for the news wraggster

    A few people have reported issues launching the game, they get a purple screen at startup. A solution to that is to try to relaunch the game a few times to see if it fixes the problem. If it doesn't, we discuss alternate solutions at

    Feedback on the game itself is welcome, as usual. We really worked hard to get this new interface and graphics done, I hope you'll enjoy it!

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    Cool. Dowloading now. Looks like a wery nice homebrew! Thank you, wraggster for the news, cause dcemu is my homepage and I dont look anywhere else for homebrew.

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