We'd like to think that the World of Warcraft addiction problem has been mostly solved in the CVG office, but the appearance of its first massive expansion, The Burning Crusade looks primed to send half of our team missing in action all over again.

The new trailer we've pulled out of our bag of tricks today shows off The Burning Crusade's tantalising new game environments, including a very pretty locale in the stars. As the trailer informs you in a handy 'Channel 5 debt-consolidation ad'-style checklist, the expansion is set to feature a truckload of fresh content including two new races, one new profession, flying mounts and a whole load of new items to hunt out.

Blizzard is yet to confirm a release date for The Burning Crusade but we expect it to land sometime in the autumn and definitely before the end of the year. We'll be opening our own WOW Addicts Anonymous classes shortly thereafter.