PSP Analog Stick Armor Kit
Manufacturer: 3rd Party
Site: Buy from Brando
Price: $6.00

Overview : Analog stick replacement kit for your PSP.

Features :
  • Easy to install and use
  • 5 different sizes and height to fit different player
  • Soft rubber for comfortable playing
  • Pack of 5

Quality/Usability : Here is an alternative to the stock analog nub. These analog sticks will add some height and make gameplay more comfortable. I bet those who first got their PSP was in disgust with the analog nub. It was small and hard to use because you were use to the PlayStation analog stick.

With the PSP analog, it was short, close to the system and uncomfortable to play with. With the analog stick replacements, this will add height and will enable you to use the analog without any discomfort.

Although it says it is made of soft rubber, it feels more like plastic or hard rubber. There are three sizes; 11mm, 15mm, 20mm. With the 15mm and 20mm there are two different types. The analog either curves in thus making a little "ditch" or it bulges (similar to the PlayStation analog). I personally prefer the analog stick that is curved in rather then the ones that bulges up. The 11mm is similar to the stock analog nub but sticks up away from the PSP rather than being close to it.

Installation is simple. Just pop out the old one and pop in the new one. Only downfall when using these analog sticks is that if you have a class that is snug and close to the PSP (i.e. Logitech PlayGear Pocket), you'll have to remove the analog sticks inorder to be able to close the case.

Conclusion : Overall, if you hate the stock analog nub and you're looking for something that will make your thumb feel more comfortable, this may be for you. Although it says its made of soft rubber, its more like hard rubber to me. With cases being produced these days, you'll have to remove the analog stick inorder to fit your PSP into the carry case and be able to close it. If you do detach the analog, becareful not to loose it.

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