Some great news for fans of the Megadrive Flash Cart from Neoflash:

New Neo Myth Menu by ChillyWilly

more info:,5829.60.html

Told you I was close - here's the last alpha, the next release will be beta 1. This version prints the rom header info when you press C (MD/32X only... what does the SMS header look like? Does it even have one?), and runs the rom when you press B. I've only tested it with one rom (Zero Tolerance), and it doesn't set the sram bank yet. That's the main reason this is still alpha instead of beta. I've got to add some more stuff, but now I've gotten the important parts working:

The MD menu can be run from the menu flash, and is mostly C code. The current size limitation of 44KB (the menu entries occupy the other 20KB) is due to the Windows app, not the MD menu or the Neo Myth.

I can fetch data from the game flash, allowing us to get extra info about the roms. This could also be useful in the options screen.

I can copy the game flash to the Neo Myth PSRAM and run the result.

Like the last alpha, the way to try this is to:

Backup the MDBIOS.BIN file.
Copy over MDBIOS.BIN from the archive.
Run the Windows app, go to the Memory Tab, and format the flash (fast format is fine).
Add a rom and burn it.

EDIT: Tried it with three roms - so far, so good!


Awesome stuff must try myself later