The most recent update to Valve's two-year-old shooter Team Fortress 2 did more than just fix bugs, it added a bunch of new sound files for the game's Announcer, newly referencing friendships, betrayals and mercenaries. So, new game mode? Nope!
While some Team Fortress 2 players are left scratching their heads, some have already heard the Announcer's new dialogue used in game. The developer says the update is not related to a new game type.
"We've got something coming, but it's not a new game mode," Valve's Robin Walker says. "The key to understanding the new sound files is to figure out who's hearing them in-game, and who isn't."
Well, that's certainly cryptic, Mr. Walker! Since I've not heard them in-game yet, nor have I taken a survey of who has, we're still trying to figure this one out.

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