To: Totilo, Fahey, Mike
From: Luke
Thanks to everyone who came out to our little get-together on Friday night. I had a blast. Sorry if I was a little loud, but when I drink all afternoon then talk about video games, I tend to get a little excited.
So! Last week, I not only took a trip up to Sydney , but I bought a new car. Well, almost new. A 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. Considering the "newest" car I'd ever owned previously had been ten years old at time of purchasing, I'm quite pleased with myself.
Here's what was missed while we were trapped in different timezones.
Weekend Brings New Star Wars, Batman, Rock Band, True Crime Game Reveals
The PS3 Finally Goes Portable
Sony Swag Contains Nintendo Horror
PS3 Slim Could Have Been Smaller, Used Network Storage

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