HowZat is the world’s first free online multiplayer cricket game. Players are now able to create, customize and play with their own teams against others around the world. Players will be able to compete against people from all over the world on the Internet from within their browser at

HowZat fuses real cricket action with manager functionality, enabling players to set up, evolve and play with their own team right within your browser, with no installation required. Batting teams enjoy 20 shots for a realistic simulation of the game, while the bowling side can chose from a variety of deliveries. Players improve their teams over time by earning ‘Points’. Users are even offered the option to customize their player names, team uniforms to any color they wish. Game Ventures believes that sports game fans are an underserved market online and plans to expand its presence in the niche in the future. The current state of the art for cricket games also leaves much to be desired.

“We wanted to make an online multiplayer cricket game with high production value, without losing fun or community elements. We think no other sport has a game online this detailed.” said Zaki Mahomed, Chief Executive Officer, Game Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Plans are underway to expand the game to the Facebook platform by December of this year. Future versions of the game will contain virtual goods like better gear for teams, realistic stadiums from around the world and coaching to make their players better over time.