Street Gears, the free cel-shaded in-line skating MMO available in French and German at the portal, launches a new update. Highly anticipated by Street Gears players, today sees the introduction of a brand new feature in Park Town today the Clan System.

First, a little history lesson: In the early years of the so called Inline Republic, a single man stood strong and helped to create the first Clan. His name was King and the name of the Clan was "Dragons". After the creation of the Dragons, many more Clans followed and the Twin cities of Emberton and Park Town had a multitude of racing tracks and enough room for hundreds of Riders from all over the world to practice their Tricks and compete against each other.

Years passed and the influence of the Dragons over Park Town grew stronger. Two groups of the Dragons managed to infiltrate Park Town for a while, threatening to destroy the Riders. Luckily they were defeated, but a return of the Dragons seems inevitable. The only way to guarantee the survival of Park Town was to destroy the Dragons and re-establish Clans...

From today the Clans have returned to Street Gears and every rider will be able to create or join a clan to work together and gain achievements while preparing for the upcoming clan wars.

A second new feature is implemented in the game from today the Speedstar Ranking. Do you think that you are fast and that you have a good technique? Then you should join our weekly competition, where we are looking for the fastest rider. Win the emblem and the unique speedstar scarf to show everybody that you are the fastest rider in town. Being the speedstar will also provide an XP bonus for all players in your racing room.

For more information on Street Gears, and to download the free game in French or German, check out the official Street Gears website at