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Thread: Review: Blaze Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case

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    psp Review: Blaze Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case

    Blaze Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case
    Manufacturer: Blaze
    Site: Buy from Blaze
    Price: 39.99

    Overview : A dual purpose speaker system that delivers enhanced sound for games, movies and music, whilst also acting as a protective case for the PSP.

    Features :
    • Provides enhanced sound playback for games, movies and music from your PSP
    • Compact design fits snugly around the PSP
    • Robust case offers maximum protection for your PSP
    • Twin Stereo speakers
    • No Need to remove the PSP – just open the case and play.

    Includes Xploder Music Studio for PSP:

    Import your own Music CDs to MP3. Includes CD Database internet query for album, track and artist details.

    Create MP3, AAC and WAV playlists, music folders and more and simply drag onto your PSP for music on the go! Drag and drop your AAC or MP3 songs from iTunes into PSP Music Player, copy to your PSP and listen on the move! Compatible with MP3, AAC and WAV music files.

    Presented in the distinctive metal packaging that has become synonymous with the Xploder brand range, the PSP Pro Audio Sound System is the best way to pump up the volume on all your PSP media. The included software ensures you'll make the most of your music collection.

    Quality/Usability : This is Blaze’s first attempt at releasing a portable sound system for the PSP is the Pro Audio Sound System (will be known as PASS in this review). At first glance, the outside style looks similar to the Logitech PlayGear Pocket. But what is under the hood is totally different. Lets talk about the outside first. The case is black with a smooth rubber feel to it. On top front of the case, there are two silver rings similar to the one on the back of the PSP. Above those rings is a Volume UP/DOWN buttons as well as a switch to turn ON/OFF the speakers. The front side of the case houses a latch that you push in to open. The front back where the hinges are, are two ports: Line In and DC In. If you have an electronic device such as iPod or CD player, you can hook them up to these speakers. Unfortunately, you’ll need your own audio cable as it doesn’t come with it. The DC In isn’t really to charge your PSP but to power the speakers and possibly charge rechargeable batteries. On the back of the case has a little pull out stand to prop the PSP into viewing position. The case gives you easy access to the left and right triggers on the PSP as well as the headphone port and DC In port on the PSP.

    Now lets see what is under the hood. When you first open the case, you’ll see two speakers on the underside of the front cover. Under the two speakers near the middle is a little compartment. This holds four AAA batteries and can power the speakers. The PSP itself isn’t held into place with any latches or screws. The PSP is actually held in place by the rubber insert that is protection the PSP. How you might ask? Well when you put the PSP in to its spot, it doesn’t go in right away. You’ll have to force down into its place. This is how the PSP stays in the case. On the left side of the case, is the audio plug that connects to the PSP from the speakers. The cable itself is hidden under the rubber insert to prevent any tangling or loose wires hanging.

    Due to the size of the speakers, the front flip cover doesn’t go all the way back. Speaking of size, the width (left to right) of the case is about the same as the PGP. Now, the height of the case is a different story. Due to the speakers and battery compartment, the front flip cover is huge. It’s about twice the size of the bottom piece of the case that holds the PSP itself. IT’S HUGE!!

    In order to access the UMD tray, USB port or memory stick slot, you’ll need to force the PSP out of its spot.

    The speakers itself is very clear and loud. With the PSP and speakers volume on full blast, there wasn’t much distortion, humming or crackling in the sound. The bass coming out of the speakers were pretty good as well.

    There are flaws to this just like any other accessory. Where to begin? There is no LED to display whether the speakers are ON or OFF. As mentioned previously, the size of the case is HUGE. When there is huge, there is weight and boy is this case heavy. Holding the case while playing will tire your hands and arms. As mentioned before, you’ll need four AAA batteries to power the speakers. There is no way to recharge your PSP through the case.


    This update is regarding the Xploder Music Studio. I wont go into much of the details since the main purpose of the review is for the PASS itself.

    The Xploder Music Studio does what it suppose to do. Theres nothing complictated about it. Its just an all in one program at the tip of your mouse. Dragging the music file and dropping it to the correct folder is simple. It doesnt take a genius what to do. Then again, you can use any other music programs to convert your music and you can probably either drag and drop using the program you used to convert your music or you can just drag and drop them yourself by opening Windows Explorer (if you're using a PC).

    If you're the type that wants the album, track and artist or even a playlist, this is for you as its easier for you to sort through your music. But for someone like me who doesnt really care about the playlist or information except for artist and track, you probably wouldnt be using this.

    Conclusion : Overall, the speakers are great but the size, weight and missing features really bring the score down. It would have been nice if there was an LED to let me know if the speakers were ON or OFF. Having to carry AAA batteries would be a hassle not to mention that there is no way to charge the PSP if it died on me. If they removed the battery compartment and used rechargeable batteries, I don’t think the front flip cover would be as thick and as heavy. If Blaze can reduce the size and weight of the case as well as add and change a few things around, this case would be a lot better.

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    Wow, great review. I really didn't realize the thing was that thick. Oh well, my hunt for a proper and portable case continues.

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