Don't get dizzy now, but fresh off of previewing Gaming In 2010, Kotaku will spend much of this week looking back at Gaming in 2009. How will you remember 2009? We've got some plans to reminisce of our own.
Throughout the week on Kotaku, you'll find posts that cover the biggest trends — good and bad — that happened in gaming this year. We'll take you through the highs and lows, the great achievements and the great scandals. In addition, we'll have featured interviews with three of the lead creators behind three of 2009's biggest games as well as a podcast featuring a fourth (more on that guest later today).
Look for the first big interview, featuring one of the individuals in the bottom row of this image, in just a couple of hours.
And speaking of this image, all credit goes to Luke Plunkett, a man with some fine Photoshopping skills.
Keep your eyes peeled for the 2009 Year In Review tag on posts appearing all this week. 2009: It wasn't that bad!

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