You'd think the one-two punch of a global economic crisis and a string of delays would mean 2009 saw less game releases than 2008, but no. Oh no.
Instead, according to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, the number of games released this year increased. In 2008, 1092 titles reached a retail shelf in the United States. In 2009? 1099. Not much of an increase, then, but an increase all the same.
In assessing this data, EEDAR's Jesse Divnich raises an interesting point; 1099 new games means there are 55% more titles available to the public in a bricks-and-mortar store. Yet those stores aren't expanding their game sections. Meaning space is at a premium, and with each year that passes, more games earn "permanent" shelf spots (Call of Duty, GTA), further reducing the amount of space for new titles.
Game releases hold steady in 2009 [GameSpot]

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