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Commodore & Amiga Fan is a Polish retrogaming ezine that covers the Commodore machines, mainly the C64 and Amiga. Issue 5 is a festive bumpoer edition with over 30 articles, plus the usual news, letters, etc. The ezine can be downloaded for free from the C&A website in either low quality PDF (5.6 MB) or high quality PDF (52.5 MB). Just some of the Highlights include:

Amiga History pt.6
Interview: Martin Koziol
Amiga Silesia Meeting 2009
Blood 2, BOFH, HMD, Space Battle v2 9
The programs like the old days ... 1983
Mega Cart for the VIC 20
Secrets of NUFLI
BASIC practice - Using text mode
Interview: Paul Gonet (Pampa)
Commodre vs. Atari
Interview: Patrick ?ogiewa (Silver Dream!)
Memories of the past ...