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    ps2 PS2Doom/PS2KVM News

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    Recently Iíve tried PSPKVM, the PSP port of Sunís open-source JavaME implementation phoneMEFeature and that little thing is amazing!

    Having a Java virtual machine brings immediately so many new possibilities for the already vast PSP homebrew scene and I thought it would be incredibly wonderful if a PS2 port would exists!

    Just imagine browsing the Internet with a PS2 and the Opera Mini of the Bolt browser, using a MSN Messenger clone, using Google Earth just for the kick, or playing those phone java games some people like.

    The sad thing is that I personally have now the skills for doing it but simply donít have the time for such a projectÖ Maybe it could be more doable with some other devs collaboration. Is any interested and experienced dev reading this?

    So, I was hoping to bring out a new release of PS2Doom with some features, but those who are waiting need to wait just a little bit more. Probably it will be out before the end of the year.

    So, Merry Xmas for those who celebrate it!

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    There's a lot of homebrew on PSP that could be ported , i'm thinking also Neo-Geo (MVSPSP) or even Daedalus X64 . But with PSPKVM we would see a totally new face of the PS2 with great web browsing and instant messaging .

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