LIFE Magazine, as it is wont to do, assembled yet another of its utterly interesting photo essays. The topic this time? The Secret Service. Fittingly, a few of the photos profile The Beast, aka the President's tech-savvy, super-fortified ride.
Also fitting are the photos of these agents performing their other important duty, that being what LIFE writes is "taking down counterfeiters, fiscal gangsters, and ID thieves." For this they shed the trademark suits in favor of SWAT gear, gadgets and guns:
[T]he weaponry available to agents is among the most advanced and lethal on the planet, including SIG Sauer P229 pistols fit with huge .357 cartridges; classic Remington 870 shotguns; light (7 lb.), 30-round, state-of-the-art M4 carbines; Uzis; and the compact, thoroughly nasty-looking Belgian FN P90 submachine gun with a top-mounted magazine of armor-piercing rounds.
Also cool is that The Beast, along with a number of other vehicles known as the "Secure Package," travel the globe with the President (by way of C130 military transport planes), so that he and his entourage can travel safely in strange lands. More gallery in the source link, so check it! [LIFE]

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