For Square Enix, there is not East and West. It's all about hard and easy. Just ask Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers producer Akitoshi Kawazu.
"The presence of Japanese games is not as strong within the international market these days, and as a business that creates and sells games, the reception in the Western market is naturally a point of interest to us," Kawazu told Destructoid. "However, when developing a game we do not separate our target audience into categories like 'Japanese' or 'Western.'"
Instead, the producer explained, Square Enix focuses on preferences the players might have — "such as those who like higher difficulty levels, those who enjoy more of a collection element, those who look for more freedom in a game, those who like to have set objectives, and so forth."
And what is a big difference in preferences players have? "I do feel that one major difference in the Japanese and Western gamers' preferences lies in the art style." But Square Enix's art style largely appeals to Japanese gamers' preferences, no?
Square Enix: We don't separate East and West markets [Dtoid]

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