Pixelh8 also released Music Tech V2.0 for the Game Boy:

The Original Pixelh8 Music Tech Game Boy Synthesizer is software that runs on an unmodified game boy, enabling you to be able to control the game boys on board sound. You can edit the wave duty, pitch sweep and volume envelope as well as new additions such as unison, 5th power chords and octaves, turning the Game Boy into a real time instrument.

This updated version V2.0 allows for the addition of a Major 3rd, a Minor 3rd as well as All Major Keys, All Minor Keys, All Harmonic Minor Keys, All Whole Tone & All Pentatonic Keys. Thatís a lot of keys.

Notable owners of the original V1 version are Imogen Heap (click to see video) , Damon Albarn & David E. Sugar.

Like his other releases the author asks that you dont redistribute his releases and he has threatened legal action against sites who do, that in mind download here --> http://pixelh8.co.uk/software/