Waiting for me in the office upon my return from vacation this week was a copy of the Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer's Edition. So many records in there. So let's randomly highlight a few feats.
Ah, but let's have some fun with this. The book's about 200 pages long. So, write a page number in the comments section and, if there's a world record listed on it, I'll tell you the record.
I'll start.....
How about page 45?
OK. On that page, we learn: "With 24.84 million copies sold, Halo is the best-selling first-person shooter franchise ever."
Huh. Guess it trumps Doom.
The first 10 people to drop a page number in the comments will be told Guinness World Records. By me.
It's like we're writing a post together, a verifiable nominee for Most Reader-Friendly Gaming Blog Post Of All Ever.

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