This won't be officially "announced" until tomorrow, so there's no name or anything to it, but we just played around with Nvidia's 7-inch Tegra tablet design that runs Android.
Nvidia says they'll talk about the details tomorrow, but they have several OEM partners working with the Tegra, and one ready to bring it to market.
What we saw was 1080p video being played smoothly on a 1024x600 screen—lower resolution, of course, but Tegra can supposedly support TV out to a standard 1080p set. There's also web browsing, which we didn't see because of the lousy Wi-Fi, and the eBook reader application, which is very usable with its swipe-to-turn gestures and quick page flips.
Because it's not a phone, it's not clear whether or not this will get the official Google Android certification, so you might not be able to run those Android apps from the Marketplace on it. But there should be more details about this tomorrow during the Nvidia press conference. Basically, this is a promising tablet design that should be able to merge quality graphics performance with Android apps, provided it can run those apps.

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