It's about as useful as this thing, but that didn't stop a group of creative young individuals from coming up with a system that exposes fraudulent handshakes.

We ironed on conductive fabric pads on different parts of the gloves, and read them off like a multiplexed keypad. The pads on one glove are the rows and the pads on the other glove are the columns, and strobing rows and columns sees what combination of pads were connected to each other). The LilyPad then figures out what gesture is being made and transmits a number through serial to a Processing program which displays the gesture on the screen and checks for the correct pattern.
We know ShakeOnIt is made with Polartec Polyester gloves re-sewed with conductive fabric and a Lilypad Arduino, but I lack the skills to make one of these systems myself. That's too bad—I can't tell you how many times I have been victimized by a phony high five. [ShakeOnIt via Make]

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