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    ps3 Review: XCM XFPS 4.0 Force

    XCM XFPS 4.0 Force
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from ConsoleSource / Buy from GoldenShop / Buy from Amazon
    Price: $90.00

    Overview : Use a keyboard and mouse on your PS3 with the XFPS Force adapter. Compatible with all keyboards and mice, it is precise and efficient and will clearly give you the edge on many games, starting with FPS.

    It is easy to map all PS3 controller keys/inputs to keyboard and mouse using your PC and XCM software. When used in conjunction with the soon to be released Magic Link the XPFS will allow a remote player can to co-play with you via internet connection. A PC is required to use the XFPS Force.

    • Connect PS/2 or USB mouse & keyboard to your PS3™
    • Compatible with all mice and keyboards.
    • Accuracy in aiming and fast response while playing shooting game.
    • Easy to map all PS 3 controller keys to keyboard and mouse via PC by XCM software.
    • When using with our new coming product (Magic link), the remote player can help you to pass the game level via the internet from his PC.
    • 3 level of auto fire function.
    • Must connect to PC (laptop or desktop).

    Quality/Usability : Unlike XCM's previous XFPS like the XFPS Rateup, the new XFPS 4.0 Force requires a laptop or desktop if you are using a mouse and keyboard.

    To connect a wired PS3 controller and enable turbo/rapid fire, plug the XFPS 4.0 Force to one of the USB ports on the console and have the PC-Controller switch on Controller. The XFPS logo will blink blue. Plug in your wired PS3 controller and the XFPS logo will stop blinking and will stay lit. When I meant "wired PS3 controller", I mean your wireless PS3 controller + USB cable. There are no actual wired PS3 controllers on the market. You can now use the turbo/rapid function. And since the PS3 controller is connected via USB cable, it also charges the battery.

    Rapid Fire/Turbo switch has 3 settings, Normal (N) which is OFF, Medium (M) Speed Firing which gives 15 shots per second and High (H) Speed Firing which gives 30 shots per second.

    Unlike the XCM XFPS 4.0 Speed for the Xbox 360, you do not need to connect the wired PS3 controller first before connecting mouse and keyboard. To connect a keyboard and mouse, simply plug the XFPS 4.0 Force to one of the USB ports on the console and have the switch set to PC-Controller. The XFPS logo will blink red. Plug the included USB cable into the bottom of the XCM and the other end to either you desktop or laptop USB port. Once connected, the XFPS logo will stop blinking red and will stay lit. Once connected, you can begin to configure your settings.

    In order to use a keyboard and mouse as well as map/configure your settings, you'll need to download XCM's software. The latest software can be found here (whenever there is a new upgrade, you can find it here). Review was tested with version 1.50.

    Once you downloaded the software, extract the file and you should see a XFPS folder or XFPS icon on desktop or within folder. Before running the software, make sure the XFPS is connected to the computer. If not, the software will give an error message stating that it "Can not find XFPS". Double click the XFPS icon and the program will display a picture of a PlayStation 3 (PS3) controller. To configure your keyboard and mouse, click on "TOOL" and "SETTINGS". Enter a name for the setting, than click "NEW" and than "MAP". From here, you can map whatever keys/buttons you want to correspond to the PS3 controller. Move the cursor to the box you want to remap and press the key you want to use. If you made a mistake, highlight the area, right click and click DELETE. Once you're done, click on "CONFIRM" in the MAP screen and click "CONFIRM" again in the SETTINGS screen. When you see the PS3 controller, you can click "FILE" and "START" or F12 to begin. Once you start, the mouse and keyboard now takes over the PlayStation 3 console. Even though the mouse and keyboard is connected to laptop or desktop, nothing will happen. To escape out of PS3 control, press F11 and you can now control computer with mouse and keyboard. This is perfect for when you want to go back to the settings and make any adjustments. Not only can you map your buttons but you can adjust the X and Y axis sensitivity as well as invert the X and Y axis.

    In my testing, I've used onboard keyboard from a laptop and a cheap Dell wired USB mouse (for v1.41-1.44 software) that came with my computer and Microsoft IntelliMouse (for v1.50 software). I've also used a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse combo and all have worked fine. My wireless mouse had a higher sensitivity so I had to lower the sensitivity on the XCM XFPS application. Which is the same setup as the XCM XFPS 4.0 Speed. I did not notice any lag or any jumps in movement. I know some people have complained about dead zones with XCM XFPS adapters when moving the mouse up and down or left to right but I did not experience any of the problems. I was to move my mouse to move the crosshair over my target without a problem. I did however have to adjust the sensitivity to over 3.8-4.5 for both X and Y axis. Max is 5. This setting may be different for you and may be different for each game you play.

    As mentioned above, this review was tested with v1.50. What makes 1.50 different from 1.41-1.44 is that the new v1.50 software allows you to do rapidly turn around 360 and move forward. You can also configure more buttons on a mouse if you have buttons on the side of the mouse rather than the usual left click, right click and middle wheel.

    Having tested with v1.50, I preferred it. I'm not much of a PC FPS person, so using the keyboard for movement doesnt suit me. However, I love to use the mouse to aim and shoot as I have a better accuracy. With the new 1.50 software, I no longer have to use the usual WASD for movement. I can use the forward and back button on the side of my mouse for movement while still using the mouse to look around. The only time I would use the keypad is to jump, squat, stand up, switch weapons and other functions. The mouse would be my main movement, visual and firing.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Team Xtender XCM XFPS 4.0 Force played great but you MUST be connected to a laptop or desktop in order to use it. Your desktop and PlayStation 3 console must be in close proximity in order for the USB cables to reach each other. If you're using a laptop, its not as bad. When you turn off the console, the logo is still lit up. So for the XFPS 4.0 to turn off completely, you'll need to unplug the USB cord from the computer or console. This was the same for XFPS 4.0 Speed for the Xbox 360.

    The ability to use rapid fire on the PS3 controller with USB and XFPS 4.0 Force was great because you were also able to charge your controller at the same time. You also didnt have to plug the PS3 controller into the XFPS 4.0 Force before using your PC with mouse and keyboard. You can connect the XFPS 4.0 to the PS3 and PC immediately.

    Unfortunately, if you own a Apple MAC desktop or laptop, the program will not work. Will XCM release a MAC compatible software, I hope so. If not, MAC users will be left out.

    If you dont want to be chained to a laptop or desktop and just want to use a keyboard and mouse, you can take a look at XFPS Rateup.

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