We just got out of Dell's mobile roundtable, and despite an extended tangent on China's phone market, we did manage to get some details on its AT&T-bound Mini 3 and yet-to-be-officially titled "Streak" tablet. Let's get down to brass tacks here: the Mini 3's been customized with ActiveSync for our own (corporate) email systems. There is Android market, but for future reference, that's always going to be up to the carrier. As for naming the 5-inch tablet that's so far been rumored / codenamed the Streak, the company "might as well call it a Mini" said Dell, perhaps jokingly -- Mini 5, anyone? During a quick hands-on we got to check out the keyboard, which was very nice and included a numpad on the right in landscape mode (pictured). We also witnessed someone checking out the system details, and sure enough, this custom skin is running Android 1.6 -- no telling if that's what it'll ship with, though. There's also a front-facing camera on the Streak, and much to our delight, capacitive multitouch is alive and well on both devices mentioned here.

As for method of distribution, the company will sell phones via Dell's online store (in addition to the carrier stores), but whether or not they'll be unlocked is something the company will "most certainly experiment with that at some point, but that's not [its] first priority today." Gallery: Dell divulges Mini 3 details, tablet (Mini 5?) caught running Android 1.6

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