Over the next month EA Recordings will roll out soundtracks for three of the publisher's big upcoming releases, releasing music for Mass Effect 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Dante's Inferno via digital download.
Mass Effect 2's soundtrack will release Jan. 18, (the game is out Jan. 26), likely via iTunes, reports Gametunes.Net. It will be a set of 27 tracks totaling about two hours of music. On Feb. 1, Battlefield: Bad Company 2's soundtrack will release (the game is out March 2.) That will feature 11 tracks, and just 20 minutes of music, total. Finally, Dante's Inferno will release its soundtrack Feb. 8, a day before that game's
release. It will feature 41 tracks and about 90 minutes of music.

A Trio of Upcoming Releases from E.A.R.S
[Gametunes.Net, thanks Tyler]

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