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Redline99 utility Xbox 360 which will allow you to flash / dump / update your Nand directly from an executable Xbox 360 (. XEX).


Place the root of a USB device:

1) To flash a full NAND image:

- Rename your image XBReboot for your console updflash.bin
- Run loader Flash360.xex your favorite (or other XeXLoader)
- Make a backup of your NAND with the X button
- Flash your NAND with the A button
- In the submenu of your NAND flash you can choose to leave in place the KV and Config already in place (recommended) or NAND flash entirely (you'll need in the latter case, have injected your KV and Config XBReboot in the image).
- Once the flash is complete, your console should die alone.
- Unplug the power to perform a full reset of the console.

2) To flash that parts of your NAND:

- Updslot0.bin - Xell (Address 0x0C0000 maximum size 0x040000 bytes, without metadata)
- Updslot1.bin - Reboot (address 0x100000 size 0x140000 bytes maximum, without metadata)
- Updpatch.bin - Rebooting Patch (address 0x194000 size 0x004000 bytes maximum, without metadata)


- Updflash.bin - the image file of your NAND must contain metadata / ECC bytes. This is a nand complete except for containing some NAND memory (256/512).

- Flash360 check the area for bad blocks. If remapped blocks are found, the writing mode the flash will be configured to flash the image without modification. If any remapped blocks are found, the writing mode the flash will be configured to flash the blocks as they are present.
The operating logic of relocation blocks apply only to the part Flash. This means it will not try to correct blocks located in the memory (if present).

- A quick check of KV will be made if you choose not to copy from NAND up. Flash360 can now retrieve the key CPU to completely verify the KV before writing. If it detects a difference in the 1st part, a warning will be displayed before starting the procedure.

- If Flash360 is launched from HDD, USB or MU, you can save the NAND. The backup will be copied to the same location as the executable Flash360.

- On consoles with memory (256/512):
You can choose to save the entire NAND or just part Flash (66MB). This means you can choose to not flash as part of your NAND Flash.

- Once the NAND flash done, do not turn on the dash and do not display the guide (middle button). An automatic extinguishing mechanism is implemented upon return to the main menu.

- Food must be disconnected to allow a full reset of the console.


The user must verify the validity of files to be flashed.
NAND flash is risky.

Similarly, during the flash, no action on your console. Do not use the Guide button, not run from any action before the NXE (download etc. ....)

Coming up:

- The development of Flash360 is still ongoing and new features will be added later.
- A new version will soon Xell proposed version will incorporate many features found in Flash360.

This utility requires that your console is already capable to run unsigned code (JTAG / XBR / Freebooter).

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