Something of interest for Dev people:[br][br] Competition rules and a list of all official competitions will be available soon. Watch this space for more info.[br]Here is a list of the compos that will certainly take place at bcnparty this year: [br][br]Demo [br]Intro 64k [br]Intro 4k [br]Demo-Intro MSX (to be confirmed) [br]Demo-Intro GP32 (to be confirmed) [br]GP32 game programming compo (to be confirmed) [br]2D graphics [br]3D graphics [br]Tracked music [br]Streamed music (MP3 / OGG) [br]Chiptune compo [br]Commodore 64 SID compo [br]Wild compo [br]Fast compos (Fast Music - Fast Graphics - Fast Code - Decathlon) [br]Deadlines[br]Productions competing in the official categories will be delivered in the evening of october the 30th. [br][br]More info Here