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Thread: MSX2 and NES emulators?

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    Default MSX2 and NES emulators?

    Which emulators would you recommend for these two sstems?

    I just tried NesterJ for NES i'm having trouble mapping the direction buttons. The D-PAD seems to be working inside the game but it doesnt respond on the menus, and i cant seems to be able to map it on the configuration menu of the hoembrew either.

    As for MSX2 i have no experience on which application to try. Any help there?

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    oops sorry i meant to post this on the psp section. How the heck did it get here.

    Can someone please delete the whole topic?

    I already reposted on the appropriate forum.

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    I saw your post about emulators on the PS3... (At least I think it was for the PS3)
    Anyways...Is it possible to get a N64 emulator on PS3? If so, what program is it called and how do I get it on the PS3?

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