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Thread: Half-Life Online not quite lost yet!

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    Default Half-Life Online not quite lost yet!

    You all remember how they were supposed to release Half Life, then later release Half Life Online? Then, as you probably all know, they canned the project, and HL Online was lost forever, right?


    Due to an odd twist of fate, we have discovered otherwise. The well known leaked Dreamcast Half-Life MAY have multiplayer in it afterall. By chance, at the website, we discovered that practically ALL of HL's multiplayer code is included in the beta, AND INTACT! Furthermore, there is a debug mode with full developmental capabilities!

    It is my theory, that the beta that we managed to get, isnt just Half Life, but is also the HL Online game that we never saw.

    Before you all go shunning me for being a deranged lunatic, I will give you the link to our findings. Obviously, I am the user Morph over there too.

    And for any of you astute programmers, or DEV personell, this is your time to shine. We do not have the capabilities to try and make it work ourselves, but maybe someone here does. 8)

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    Default Re: Half-Life Online not quite lost yet!

    mmm, as HF was a leaked game, and therefore warez i think i have to close this topic .

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