With the Concorde long gone, it's up to big-thinking companies like Seymourpowell to dream up new transatlantic travel routes. Enter the Aircruise, which would be powered by solar power and a hydrogen fuel cell, sailing in the air at 90mph.
Ok, it'd take a while to get from London to New York (37 hours, in fact), so won't be replacing the Concorde any time soon (particularly at concept stage), but the passengers would be treated like kings and queens in their luxurious apartments. It's more akin to the cruise your mother goes on when your dad checks out/checks in with a younger woman.
Just like a glass-bottomed boat, the Aircruise would have glass floors for seeing the land and sea beneath you. It's but a distant future sadly, but one I'm looking forward to. [The Telegraph via The Design Blog via Born Rich]

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