News From Scherzo:[br][br] Hey everyone. I have completely set up the Super Famicast project with SourceForge. It's project page can be reached at: [br][br] [br][br]The most current and stable source has been imported into the CVS repository provided to me by SourceForge. Before I did the import, I converted the entire project to C and cleaned up the project structure. [br][br]What I'm looking for now are a few good programmers to step forward and join me on the Super Famicast team. Please, NO people who swear they would love to help but never programmed before but are willing to learn. Thank you for your enthusiasm but I don't have time to teach beginners and don't want to waste my time undoing retarded CVS commits. I need people with serious experience in C/C++ programming and hopefully some completed work to show for Dreamcast. Also, anyone who knows SH4 assembler or that of another similar RISC processor (ARM) would be very helpful too.