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    My father has a old Dreamcast at his house that hasn't been played for about 2 years, I was thinking maybe i should go get it since he doesn not want it.

    I've read and followed the Utopia Boot Disc Walkthrough, it seems that Disc Juggler could not reconize my CD-RW Burner Drive, so I used Alchohol 120%, could you tell me if this was a good choice or not.

    I successfully burned the Uptopia Boot Disc to a CD-R, And i also burned Street fighter 3rd Strike, When i dowloaded Sonic Adventures 2, the CDI was 776 MB, my CD-Rs can only hold up to 700MB, but Alchocol seemed to burn the CDI with no problem, but i think the game is currupted because Only 683 MB on the Sonic Adventure CDI was able to be burned, i wonder if the remains of the CDI were takin away, or if alchocl reduced the size of the CDI SO it would fit on my CD-R.

    How could I get a 776 MB Game to fit on a Blank 700MB CD-R??
    I also need to know where can I buy a Dreamcast Memory Card?

    Thanks Alot.

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    Read the rules, no discussion of Utopia for DC. Your new so this is your first and last warning.

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